January 9, 2008


It's been awhile since I have posted anything -mainly because I have been dealing with some health challenges that started this past summer and continually became worse to the point of dealing with pain all of the time. So I finally started seeing a family doctor in November -and he referred me to a OB -and also a Gastro Dr. I had a Endo the week before Christmas and discovered I had esophogitis and gasitous. Then a 4 days later I had a Lapo done on my abdomen -and discovered I had some endometriosis which he took care of during the Lapo, and he discovered the main problem -which was my uterus -it was very heavy, filled with blood -and sitting right on my schiatic nerve and other nerves in my back -which explained the back pain and leg pain to the point of not being able to walk sometimes. So after the Lapo -and talking to my OB -he said it is called adenomyosis -and the only way to be free of pain from that disease is a hysterectomy. So, we took 2 days to digest everything and pray -and then we celebrated Christmas -which was kind of a blur since I've been on pain killers. And then 2 days after Christmas I had a Hysterectomy -vaginally -they took my uterus and cervix -and I kept everything else. My ovaries look really healthy -so I don't have to go on hormone pills or anything!! Yeah!! And I didn't have to have an abdominal cut-which should speed my recovery. I am 13 days post op now -the first week was very difficult -had to go in and get a IV for dehydration a couple days after surgery -was nauseous and couldn't eat much -so I went back to my Gastro Dr. and he said I had a fungas growing in my esophogus and throat and tongue. So I have been on medicine for that and he also switched my acid reflux medicine -and a week later I am feeling much better from that now -and I am actually eating again!!!! My back has been in a lot of pain for awhile now -so it's also adjusting since my uterus was pushing on it for several months-and having 2 surgeries and an endo in 2 weeks time -my recovery may be a little longer than most -but I am keeping a positive attitude -and celebrating each day!!
I have lost 40 lbs. which probably needed to happen anyway. And I finally feel like I am on the road to recovery!! I am still very tired and my energy level will take some time to work it's way back to where it used to be. I have a post op appointment next week -and my hormones feel a little out of whack from surgery -but I am feeling better every day -and I know that will level out soon. My family has helped watch our kids and Toby has been my rock and has given me many blessings -and I have had some very spiritual experiences through all of this -and have grown closer to my Heavenly Father and Savior. Here's to an awesome, healthy 2008!!!!