November 29, 2011

Jaron~ 8th Grade Holiday Music Festival

Jaron had his 8th Grade Holiday Music Festival Concert tonight at the Three Rivers Convention Center. It was such a nice place to have a Christmas concert! There was the 7th/8th Grade Concert Band and also the Orchestra from his middle school and their Choir along with some other performers. It was so fun to watch him perform on his percussion instruments. Great Job Buddy!!

November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011~Christmas Tree~Christmas Memories!!

Tonight we put the final touches on the Christmas tree because we didn't quite get done with it the night before! So for Family Night, we finished the tree and also put the rest of the indoor decorations up!

The finished decorated, lighted tree!!

I had to include some older pictures of Christmas I have on my computer.  I love to look back at how much my kids have grown.  I don't like that they are growing so fast - but I love to see the difference in how they look from year to year.






 Christmas 2009.  I can't believe how much Jaron has grown in 2 years!
 Above - the picture from 2011 - below picture from 2006.

Our 2nd Christmas in Washington!  They have grown so much these past 6 years!

 The first Christmas in Washington after we moved from Colorado!
I can't believe how much they have grown since we first moved to Washington!  6 years flew by!!

Our nativity on our entry way table.

On top of our tv!
Our awesome pellet stove!  We love it during the cold winter months!  The kids love to sit in front of it in the morning and get warm before they head off to school!

November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011~Decorating Christmas Tree!!

One of our traditions is I let the kids pick out an ornament each year.  Jaron picked a Boy Scout ornament, Mikenna picked a Soccer ornament, and Brielle picked a Hello Kitty ornament.
I write the year on the ornament - and they each have a box of their own ornaments throughout the years.  I am planning of giving them their box of ornaments when they are older.

Today we decorated the Christmas tree and also put up some indoor decor as well.  Jaron and Mikenna did most of the tree building.  They had fun doing it - and we had fun laughing at them being silly!