January 28, 2010

Stir Crazy

Mikenna hurt her ankle....she hates being still! :)
When it's cold and snowy outside....Brielle gets a little stir crazy inside!! :)
Cabin fever!! Can't wait till Spring!!
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January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Mandy

I wanted to take a few lines of my wife's blog to wish her a Happy Birthday!! Mandy you are amazing! You bring so much happiness into our family. Our children our so lucky to have you as their mom! You never cease to amaze me with your strength and determination in life. You truly make our house a home. Thank you for all your love and support. Know that I will always be here for you. I love you my beautiful and wonderful sweetheart!!

Love, your husband Toby

January 3, 2010

Toby's 38th Birthday Party

The kids had a blast celebrating Toby's birthday. They were probably more excited than Toby.
I bought him an ice cream cake...it was yummy!! He is one good-looking 38 year old!

Happy Birthday Toby! We love you so much!!
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January 2, 2010

Toby's 38th Birthday

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Happy 38th Birthday Toby!!

The love of my life is 38 years old today! I have to say that 38 looks good on him! I am so grateful for him! He blesses my life every day and shows his love for me and our kids unselfishly and unconditionally. He is a hard worker and provides both temporally and spiritually. Our kids adore him and love him so much. I have always told him that I know my Heavenly Father loves me and knows me because he blessed me with him! He is perfect for me in every way. He is my soul mate and I cherish our yesterdays, enjoy our today's, and look forward to our tomorrows. I love you babe! Happy Birthday!!
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