January 29, 2012

Mikenna~French Braid Curl!

I experimented with Mikenna's silky straight hair last night....I had her take a shower and then while it was wet, I french braided it and put hairspray in it and had her sleep in her french braid, and then in the morning we took it out and she had pretty waves in her usual straight silky hair! She was excited - an easy way to add body to her hair!

January 28, 2012

Mikenna Basketball Game~Tied!

Mikenna had her first basketball game today! They did great! It was a great game to watch - they ended up being tied with the other Pasco team. Mikenna had some nice jumpers that went in....she was a speedster on the court just like she is on the soccer field. She played point guard alot and also shooting guard. She did great! She had a smile on her face during the whole game - she loves to compete and is so much happier now that she is busy again! She is playing Basketball and soccer right now and loves playing both at the same time. I am glad we let her try to do both...I was worried that she may be wearing herself out a bit with 2 soccer practices a week and 2 basketball practices a week and a soccer game and basketball game every week....but the busier she is with sports, the happier she is. After her basketball game she had a soccer scrimmage - so we headed over to the soccer fields after her basketball game and watched her play soccer for another hour.

Mikenna~Basketball Game~Tied!


Mikenna had a basketball game today - scored some points - played great defense! She had team and individual pic's today as well.
After her basketball game - she had a soccer scrimmage - and played awesome defense! Busy day for my little athlete!

January 27, 2012

Daddy is Back!!

The girls wanted to surprise Toby at the airport - his flight didn't get in until 11:30pm....so I let them stay up and we headed to the airport; waited for him to get off the plane and had his back turned to get his luggage and they both tackled him and gave him lots of hugs and kisses. It was so sweet....there were people admiring the girls and the close relationship they have with their daddy!

January 23, 2012

Toby~California Business Week!

Whenever Toby is gone or I am gone - Toby or I get sentimental and look through old photos or watch old video.  We love to be together as a family - and when we are not - we are all saps.  The girls were crying when he left - which made me tear up - and Jaron....well he's a teenage boy - and he was excited to have Toby off his back about some things that he has been talking a lot to Jaron about lately.  Toby doesn't sleep well in Hotels - and neither of us sleep well without the other.  I had to convince him to take some Tylenol PM with him so he can sleep at night since he will be there a whole week.  I will be the one this time looking at old photos and watching videos - which always makes me miss him more.  Pretty pathetic.. I know... but it does show how much we all love one another and love being together as a family!  Toby is gone all week in California for business with OfficeMax.  It took him all day just to get there because of delayed flights - and layovers. The kids and I already miss him - and he just texted me saying he misses us already.  One of the things I so admire about Toby is what a strong family man he is.  He loves to be a dad, and a husband - and he loves enjoying the every day with me and the kids.  He doesn't like to be away from us.  He works hard every day to provide for us not only financially but be there for us emotionally and be involved in many things that most dad's aren't.  My kids are so blessed to have him for their daddy!  We used FaceTime through Facebook which is like Skype tonight, and the kids and I were able to talk to him through the Internet and web cam - we could all see each other - he showed the kids around his hotel room.  Pretty cool what we can do now a days to keep in touch!  We love you babe!  Come home safe and sound to us!  We all miss you!!