March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Craig!!

Happy 33rd Birthday to my "little" brother Craig! We are really close in age -(14 months apart) so I don't remember life without him. He's been by my side through a lot of good times and sad times. He's always been an awesome example of what a brother should be-I know I can always count on him when I need his love; advice or just a shoulder to cry on. When I think of him and what he means to me; I tear up instantly. A year ago when I had my hysterectomy; I was going through a really rough time..he helped me get back on my feet..and helped me realize what I needed to do to help myself recover-he was my voice of reason, the unconditional love I needed...there have been numerous times in my life where he was there right when I needed him; and nobody else could have helped or loved me in the same way. He is and always has been one of my best friends. I remember when he went on his mission -I was at the airport to see him off. I remember thinking...I can't be away from him for 2 years..what am I going to do? I basically cried all day..and felt a huge part of my life go..I remember when I left for college in Utah and how hard it was to say goodbye to him then. I know I am the older one; but I have always felt like I had a big brother in Craig. He's such an awesome example of a son; a father; a friend; a brother. I have always looked up to him. He has a great positive outlook on life and lives it to the fullest. One of the things I love about him is that he always gives people the benefit of the doubt and he serves those around him with a lot of love and compassion. I feel so blessed that he is not only my brother; but my friend. I don't think I would have gotten this far in life without him by my side. I would do anything for him; and I know he would do the same for me. There are so many memories of us growing up together...Since we are so close in age; my mom says that I wanted him to walk as soon as he was born; so I pulled him out of his car seat and dragged him around like a rag doll hoping he would walk. We spent countless hours on the farm together changing hand lines; feeding animals; weeding; laughing at my grandpa Winder and his shenanigans. Craig's smile and his laugh are contagious -and whenever grandpa Winder was around -Craig's laugh soon followed. I remember when we were younger we ran through the sprinklers naked...(we were 3 or 4). I remember lots of musical numbers together where I accompanied him on the piano while he sang...beautiful songs with his awesome voice. Whenever I had something going on in my life; he was there supporting me; without fail. He's always been there for me; even if it was out of his way...he is one of my rocks in life...
I love being around him...I wish we lived closer to one another..he lives in Utah and is a lawyer; has 4 beautiful kids and one on the way; a beautiful wife -his High School sweetheart-Sabina Peterson. He is one of the closet people in my life....and I am so blessed to call him my brother and friend!
I Love You; Craig!! I wish we could celebrate together!! :)

March 30, 2009

Jaron's 11th Birthday Party

Jaron celebrated his birthday this past Saturday. He officially turns 11 on April 4th. We decided to celebrate a little early because of General Conference and then Easter is the next weekend. He wanted a Halo birthday party. He invited friends and family. Good food; fun people; handsome boy-what more could you ask for?? I am so blessed by this young man. He has such a big heart and loves to be with his family and friends. He got some neat gifts -among his favorites -2 gift cards and cash....Halo 3 laser tag guns; new art supplies; Sonic shirt and Sonic tennis game; Halo poster; Computer software to make your own water park and amusement parks; football; Cranium board game; new darts for his dart board. He and his friends played Halo together for awhile -had lots of sugar-lots of laser tag games. I can't believe he's 11...I've been having mixed emotions -like I always do when my kids get older. I swell with pride and feel so blessed and happy; and at the same time I feel sad because they are growing so fast...It's neat to see them grow-up; but it makes me miss when they were babies too. It's weird to feel such strong emotions-happy & sad at the same time..I know he will always need me though-and I am learning to give him more space since he is growing up. I know I still need my parents and I am 34-and I know I will always need my Heavenly Father..I think I just miss my kids as babies...I will post baby pictures of Jaron when he was born on his birthday! I love you buddy!!!
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March 29, 2009

District Pinewood Derby

It was a night to have fun! It was such a neat experience for Jaron and our family to participate in the District Pinewood Derby this past weekend. He had so much fun; and did a great job cheering on his friends! The girls and I had fun cheering him on!! His car received "Best Craftsmanship". Afterwards we all jumped in the van and headed over to Wendy's for Frosty's!! He'll be in Boy Scouts now...he is so excited!!
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March 25, 2009

Mother's Ring

I've always wanted a Mother's ring with my children's birthstones. I've had a hard time finding one that I liked. I finally found one that I liked..I love it!! It was hard to get a clear picture of it..The birthstones are diagonal starting with Jaron's which is a diamond; and then Mikenna's which is a pink alexandrite and then Brielle's which is a Ruby....light to dark in color..set in white gold to match my wedding ring.
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March 24, 2009

Closer to Christ

I was searching for some new books to read since I have finished the Twilight Series awhile ago...and I happened upon this book..I actually found it at Wal-mart. I love the artwork on every Simon of my favorite LDS artists. I decided I need to spend more time reading my scriptures and inspirational books this summer. I want to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of July; before school starts up again. I love inspirational books that give me things to work on while I am reading the Book of Mormon...and also looking at beautiful artwork of the Savior.
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Jaron-Webelos Arrow of Light & Super Achiever Award

Jaron received his Webelos Arrow of Light Award & Super Achiever Award at pack meeting tonight. He is excited to be a Boy Scout April 4th-when he turns 11 years old. The District Pinewood Derby is this coming Friday..and we are celebrating his birthday this weekend too..a little early -because next weekend is General Conference Weekend and the next weekend after that is Easter. We are proud of you buddy!!
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Brielle Happenings

Brielle received her first 2 wheel bike with training wheels this past week as an early birthday present. She was so excited to be able to ride around with Jaron and Mikenna..although she isn't quite as fast as they are..which ends in frustration sometimes. Her favorite part of the new bike is the cool little backpack that is attached that holds a water bottle..."Cool mommy" is her new favorite phrase. She is liking Sunbeams a lot more than she liked Nursery in church. She still won't go without Toby or I...hopefully soon..her teachers gave her a spring can..complete with chocolate chips for the dirt. And she is loving her new big girl bedding...and "Dream" letters above her bed. She was playing around with some heart stickers the other day and stuck them on her face under her eyes -and stuck them on me as well...we were covered in heart stickers. She is feeling more grown-up as of late...her vocabulary and communication has taken another leap ahead...and with her new bedding and bike and going to Sunbeams..has helped her self-confidence...for me; I know it's essential for her to gain these new skills and confidence...and I am thankful she is gaining them; but oh my; I am struggling with the "no more baby" thing. I went through the last of my baby things and took the last of baby blankets, porta-crib, etc. to goodwill. Hasn't been an easy past couple days...until I see her big smile while she sits upon her new princess bike...makes it easier!!!
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March 17, 2009

My Cocktail.....and a little something to wear while I'm resting..

I finally went to the Dr. yesterday. This cough was just not going away. So I went....and I left with 3 prescriptions and 1 over the counter med to take. A bad case of Bronchitis. I've never had it this bad before. So I'm on Antibiotics; an inhaler called "Pro Air" -like the name :) and also some heavy duty cough and decongestant med! Hopefully that will nip it in the bud. I am tired of being sick-guess it's my fault for not going in earlier though. I really do not like medication or taking medication. I wait until I know for sure that I'm not going to get better without any help before making the decision to go into the doctor's office. While I was picking up my prescriptions; on my way to Wal-mart to pick up Mikenna's new bike -I ran into this shirt.....

So today I am in bed resting....with my t-shirt on...Toby laughed at my shirt..but as he was heading out to work this morning -he kissed me and told me I looked great in it-what a sweetie! If he still loves me when I'm sick in bed and wearing a Twilight shirt that says Team Edward and no make-up, hair a mess, blowing my nose, red eyes....he truly loves me. Brielle is camped out by my side -she isn't feeling well either..she has a slight fever and runny nose...Jaron stayed home from school yesterday with a fever thankfully. Mikenna has a stuffy nose and slight cough. And no.....Toby isn't sick...he's never sick....What's wrong with him?? Nothing is ever wrong with him....Doesn't he want to join in and be sick with the rest of his family??? :) After Family Home Evening last night-which consisted of us all laying on Toby and my bed...each taking turns telling each member in the family what we love and admire about each other; said family prayer, and then proceeded to give all three of my kids medicine and myself -the kids and I went to bed....and Toby went to work out; since he is the only one in our family that can breathe correctly. :)

If anybody is wanting a shirt-they are at Wal-mart for $10 bucks..too fun. Makes me want to read the books all over again. Maybe I will while I am trying to feel better.

Anybody having a Twilight party this weekend??

March 15, 2009

Grandma Higley

My Grandma is the best grandma ever...she is also an amazing great-grandma. She never forgets a birthday; and always supports her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She is sunshine in our family. Full of warmth and smiles and giggles; that make everyone around her happy. She always has a bag full of treats for all her great-grand kids whenever she sees them. They are spoiled!! I am spoiled to have such a wonderful, amazing example of a friend, person, grandma and woman of God. She is full of the spirit and always sends the most wonderful birthday cards with inspirational and uplifting words of encouragement; admiration; and scripture. I love her so much. There are some neat similarities between my grandma and I -she had 3 kids -boy-girl-girl -and a miscarriage-kidney stone-all of those things have happened to me in the same sequence that it happened to her; among other things. Brielle loves her so much! They have a special little bond that is fun to watch. When grandma is around; Brielle can be found by her side. And if you know Brielle; she takes awhile to really bond with people -even family. She is truly a mommy and daddy girl. But is also a grandma Higley girl. It hasn't been easy since my grandfather passed away. She still lives in her home and continues to do her best to live her life and show those around her and her family through example that she loves us and the Lord. She is a strong, gentle, loving, fun person; and I am lucky to be able to call her my grandma! I love you Grandma!!!

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March 14, 2009

Hands & Feet....

Mikenna and I went and got our nails done the other day after school. She chose to have her nails painted green and yellow for St. Patty's Day. The lady went a little crazy on my big toes..but it was fun to spend the day with my daughter! We'll have to bring Brielle with us when she is a little older. It's too fun being a girl!!!
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Jaron's Artistic Talents

Jaron is a talented little artist. He has always loved to draw since the time he was a little guy. He has continually gotten better and better over his 11 years! I have a huge folder of drawings from when he was little up until now. I love looking through them and seeing how his talent has grown. He is really good at looking at a picture of something and recreating it himself. Jaron's grandpa Rasmussen was a commercial artist in Boulder, Colorado while Jaron's dad -Toby-was growing up. Toby's dad Mike past away when Toby was 12 years old. I always tell Jaron that his grand dad probably taught him drawing skills in heaven before he came to earth to be with our family. I love watching him draw; and I hope he continues to follow his artistic abilities.
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Monster Truck Show 2009

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Jaron & Toby went to the Moster Truck Show tonight.
Afterwards they went out and got something to eat.
I am so happy they had a fun time together!

March 12, 2009

My Two Smarties!!!

Today was parent teacher conferences for both Jaron & Mikenna. I went and took both of them with me to talk with their teachers. Jaron has Ms. Zerb; who will soon be a Mrs. this coming weekend! And Mikenna has Mrs. Rutledge. I love both of their teachers. Awesome people~awesome teachers. Wonderful people to mentor my children. After the stellar reports I got from their teachers; off to the book fair in the library. Jaron got a Rock band poster; Mikenna got a diary with a key. Then off to Sonic to have some delish ice cream together! Mikenna and I went and got our nails done -green for St. Patty's day!! And Jaron & Toby are going to the Monster Truck show this weekend. And if you are wondering if I feel down because this marks another day in time of them getting older...ya; but at the same time I am so proud of them and enjoy seeing them accomplish things. I get emotional when they start school each year -and I get emotional when the school year is winding down too -the roller coaster ride of motherly emotions! So here we come middle school -yikes!!!!! 3rd grade & three times a week of preschool for Brielle. I am going to go cry now... or go start thinking of what part time job I will be taking so I won't sit at home feeling sorry for myself that my kids are not with me during most of the day.
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When I grow up...I want to be a mommy!!!!!

I love my Brie-Ellie!! She is my baby -I call her baby...It's so hard for me to realize my kids are growing so fast. I want them to stay little forever...I am already wondering what I am going to do with myself while all 3 of them are in school...part of me would love to have another baby-obviously I can't have one of my own anymore...but I seriously get baby hungry! I guess this would be the time for me to want another one-Brielle is 3 and all 3 of my kids are 3 years apart...I wish I still had the option..but that's not going to happen in this lifetime anyway. I love on my kids with kisses and hugs and tell them every day how much they mean to me and how special they are, and how lucky I am to be their mommy. I love to see their faces light up when I say those things to them. I love nurturing them and watching them grow and become who they are meant to be. It's such a blessing to be a mother...I remember growing up and my mom would be cooking or cleaning -and no matter what she was doing she was singing along to a song...and she knew a lot of songs by heart. I had this tape while I was a little girl -and my favorite song on it was -"When I grow up". It goes - "When I grow up; I want to be a mother -and have a family -one little; two little -three little babies of my own.....I guess my wish came true!!! I have 3 beautiful babies of my own...and I think no matter how much they grow and how old they become -they will always be my babies...They bring so much happiness and fun and love to my life....they help me be a better person every day; they love me unconditionally -because I am not a perfect mom-although I wish I were-but I feel I am continuing to build a strong foundation being a stay at home mom for 11 years-I am proud of that...I am grateful I have been able to do that; it's been a challenge; like anything worth doing has. Even though the challenges that come along as you have kids -the blessings of being a mother far outweigh any challenge that may have come about. I have learned to even enjoy the times that are hard-it's all part of being a mommy and being a family.
I love the saying -"We can do all things through the strength of the Lord."
Being a loving and forgiving and patient hard work; day in and day out. But it's amazing -I've never wanted anything else than being a stay at home mom. I ask Toby all the time-"What am I going to do with myself while they are in school? I feel like I am raising them so they can leave me at some point. :) And Toby assures me "They will always need you in their lives -in different ways." The trick is to always be available whenever they need you; and catch them when they need catching. My mom was really good about -knowing or sensing when I needed to talk. I tended to be one that needed to voice or work through my feelings by voicing them; and being active in some way. She would listen -and by the time I got done talking to her -I had figured it out for myself; or she would gently point me in the right direction without her making the decision for me. A lot of those conversations would be while she was making dinner and I was setting the table -it's true dinner time together as a family is so important...She helped me see and decide for myself -never a lot of pressure from her -I think that's why I've never had a problem making decisions in my life. She always helped me see the bright side of any situation -and to always keep moving....if you keep moving then you are working and it's harder to get discouraged. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. Hard work has gotten me through a lot of challenges. I am 34 and still need my mom -at different times for different reasons..and she is still always there....and she worked outside of the home full time most of my growing up years-still does. She is a saint; my angel, my friend -and there are times when I still feel like her little girl. So I am going to stop worrying that my kids are growing up; and in doing so; they are not going to need me anymore. They will always be my babies; and I will always be their mom!!!
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March 9, 2009

Ain't it Great ~ To Be Eight!!

Mikenna and I have had fun together searching for things for her Baptism this summer in June. We found this beautiful white dress at Sears for half off the original price. It fits her so cute~and I am glad we were able to find something pretty -but not too frilly -because Mikenna is not a frilly girl. I bought her a necklace to wear on her "B" day that came with a poem about being Baptized. The Primary president Sister Young came by and gave her a cute bag full of things to remember her day by. A pair of white socks with a poem attached; a "Choose the Right" and "I am a Child of God" bookmark; a Temple magnet; a marking pencil for her scriptures; candy; and a "Faith in God" booklet. Toby and I bought her a new set of scriptures with her name engraved on the front of both the Book of Mormon and the Bible-along with a scripture case that she loved; I also finally found a pair of white shoes that weren't too fancy for her; but still went with her pretty dress~cute white wedge sandals-in a half size bigger than she is now -because by the end of June I am sure she will be needing them to be a little bigger than now. She also was given a CTR ring from the Primary also. For Family Home Evenings we are talking more about Baptism to prepare her more for the step she is about to take this summer. Her cousins Carson and Landen were recently baptized and it has just added to the excitement for her. She stayed home from school today; not feeling well~or I would have had her put the dress on. When she is feeling better~I will take of picture of her in the dress!
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March 8, 2009

Grandpa Winder and Grandpa Higley

I love these picture's of my grandpa Winder and Higley. My grandpa Winder was the first farmer in the Columbia Basin~Moses Lake to receive irrigation water for his farm. He moved from Idaho to Moses Lake to farm. My grandpa Higley was also a farmer in the Warden/Othello area. He moved from Utah to Warden to farm. They both worked very hard to establish a living in farming and a create a strong foundation for their families.
They are pioneers in farming!
I am grateful for them and their examples.
I miss them both so much! I still feel their presence in my life every day~and for that....
I am thankful!!

Rasmussen Family 2008

Here is the photo we took while we were up in the Rocky Mountain National Park. It was a gorgeous day~so beautiful! I will always have a special place in my heart for Colorado and the Rocky Mountains~it's where Toby asked me to marry him on a warm beautiful summer day just like this picture.
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Rasmussen Reunion 2008

We went to Colorado for our summer vacation last summer. It was so good to see Toby's family -we really miss them; and wish we could live in two places at once. Toby and I lived in Colorado for 10 years. We moved to Washington in 2005 with a three week old baby -our Brielle! I am blessed to have Toby's family in my life. I love and miss them! I know our kids miss their cousins in Colorado too! We had a great time barbecuing, playing at the park and the waterfall, having a picnic up in the Rocky Mountains, and also going to the Rocky Mountain National Park. It's so beautiful and relaxing there. We also spent time laughing, talking, playing games -and the kids loved camping!
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Higley Family 2008

This is my mom's side of the family the Higley's! We spent Christmas with them; and even though we don't see each other often; whenever we get together we have fun and it's like we have never been away from one another. I have been blessed with an amazing family -on both sides!! Both of my grandfather's were farmer's -and I am proud of where I came from. They were spiritual, hard-working, family men who sacrificed to provide for their families. I love them and miss them! I still feel them around me; and know they are still apart of my life; just in a different way. I am so grateful for the plan of salvation and the knowledge I have of the gospel, and for the atoning sacrifice of my Savior and a loving Heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally and has paved a way for all of us to be together again with our loved ones in his presence if we live worthy of those blessings. Family is where it's at!!
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Higley Christmas 2008

We celebrated Christmas with my mom's side of the family! The Higley's!! We don't see each other often; but whenever we get together it's like we've never been away. We always have so much fun, and of course we all enjoy the annual talent show at my grandma's house. My grandpa's picture is in the background of a lot of these family photo's we took. I sure felt him there with us! Miss him so much!!
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Winder Reunion 2008

Tractor rides, Sunshine, Barbeque, Lazy Summer days, Innertube rides, Celebrating Freedom, Family, Love.....
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Winder Family 2008

This was taken last summer at my aunt Mickie's & Uncle Carl's house. We almost had everybody there! It was so much fun to be with my family that I don't see too often. This is my dad's side of the family -he's the only boy in the family -he has six sisters -which I have always loved having so many aunts. I miss them! Most of them live in Utah. In this picture we are missing my aunt Joleen's family and my aunt Sherill's family and some of Sheila's family-Ty & Janessa & Craig and his family. I am sure my grandma and grandpa were there in spirit celebrating along with us. Sure do miss them though!
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March 7, 2009

Saying Good-bye to Winter; and Hello to Spring!!

Mikenna had her first soccer game today-and boy was it windy and cold! She did awesome! Bye-bye Basketball; hello Soccer! And I am so looking forward to turning my clock an hour ahead tonight before I go to bed and welcoming Spring back and saying good-bye to Winter! I won't miss it!!
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Jaron's Basketball Trophy

Jaron had his last basketball game today; and after the game he had a team party at a pizza place -and they handed out these cool homemade trophy's for each of the boys. He had a great last game! He made the basketball picture frame in scouts a couple weeks ago. I need to put his basketball picture in it. Way to go Bull Hawks! Way to go #23!!! We are proud of you!! Thanks coach Rich!!!
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We've Only Just Begun......To Live!!

This is a picture of one of my best friends from High School -Kimmel Zaugg. She and I had a lot of fun together -lot's of good memories. It's been so good to get back in touch with her and catch up on each other's lives since the good old days in Moses Lake in the early nineties. We used to live a couple miles from each other out in the country. I lived on a farm growing up -and she would always come over and help with my stupid steers -my dad's horses, changing hand lines, etc. She was and still is what a good friend should be in my book. She probably enjoyed the animals on our farm more than I did. I loved living in the country-liked spending time with my family -and listening to my grandpa Winder cuss every time we worked the cattle. I am sure a lot of my friends remember my grandpa Winder and what a softy and joker he was. Man I miss him!! Now she is married to a real life cowboy in Idaho on a ranch and is very involved in Farm Bureau. She has 3 adorable daughters; who I hope to meet soon-and of course I can't wait to catch up with her in person!! She posted this picture on face book and a ton of memories from that time came flooding back. Track, dances, church activities, sleep overs -it was so fun. At our graduation Erin Kiehn sang "We've Only Just live." by the Carpenter's while I accompanied her on the piano. Seems so long ago...but also just like yesterday! Love you Kimmel!!!
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March 6, 2009

Brielle Jill~A Natural Poser

Brielle is my girly girl. She loves for me to take pictures of her -and spends time in her room looking for outfits and accessories to accommodate the poses she wants to do. This is what she chose today -and I did nothing to pose her myself. This is all her! She knows how to work it from all angles. After each picture she wants to see how it turned out in the view finder. What a silly girl! Love her!!!!
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