October 31, 2009


Brielle...The Swan Princess...and her Protectors...Jaron & Mikenna.
Brielle..The Swan Princess!!
We went to our ward Halloween party...Trunk or Treat and Chili Cook-off! It was really fun! My mom dressed up as a scarecrow..and the kids loved their costumes...Jaron especially loved his sword. Brielle loved putting on make-up and looking pretty as the Swan Princess. And Mikenna loved being what her brother was. They were the Swan Princess' Protectors! We took the kids around to a couple neighborhoods also...they didn't get much at the trunk or treat..so we had to go get more candy somewhere else! It was a fun night! Happy Halloween!!
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Halloween 2007

I didn't have my blog up and running yet when these were taken. So I am going to try and catch up a little!!
In 2007 we had the kids paint their pumpkins!
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October 30, 2009

Temple Date!!

Our Temple Sealing! November 11, 1995 in the Denver, Colorado Temple.
Our Engagement! Colorado Mountains!! July 1995.

Toby and I went to the temple tonight! We so enjoyed being together in the temple and feeling the peace and love that abides there. It puts so many things into perspective when you attend the temple. We are planning on attending more often! I am so grateful to be married to a worthy, father & husband! He is truly my best friend; and I am glad I have him by my side as my eternal companion to experience this life with and the eternities! Our 14th Anniversary is coming up! I Love You Toby!!

Pumpkin Fun!!

Here are the kids pumpkins! They sure enjoyed carving them! Toby and I enjoyed helping too! We had a fun family night! Afterwards we enjoyed yummy ice cream together!
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Pumpkin Fun!!

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Mikenna's School Pictures

Mikenna's school pictures are back! She loves school and is an excellent student. She is our sunshine girl! Always happy and loves to have fun. She is a great example in our family! We love you Mikenna! You are our favorite 3rd grader!
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Jaron's School Pictures

Here's our favorite 6th grader. He has such a big heart and brings a lot of fun and creativity into our family! We are so thankful for Jaron and for the young man he is and becoming!! We love you buddy!!
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October 26, 2009

My Business Man

Toby and some of his co-workers. They have been working on a big account together. I can never pass up a picture of my man in a suit! He is so handsome, smart, loving, and hard working...and for those reasons and many more...is why I love him. Toby thank you for working so hard to provide and take care of our family. You are not only a great provider...but you sure do look good in your work attire!
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Brielle...First primary scripture & prayer

Brielle said her first scripture & prayer in primary today. She did awesome! I think it helped her doing her part and singing in the primary program last Sunday! Great practice!

Her scripture was: 3 Nephi 18:21. "Pray in your families unto the Father, always in my name, that your wives and your children may be blessed."

October 25, 2009

Primary Program...2009

The kids participated in our wards primary program today. They each did an incredible job! They worked hard to know their parts and all the songs. Mikenna sang with 2 other girls and boys a song about Baptism. Jaron's part was "Families can be sealed and we can do work for others that have passed on." Mikenna's part was "I want to be baptized because Heavenly Father wants me to. I felt good when I was baptized." Brielle's part was "We can love one another." The spirit was so strong...I cried through the whole program. I was so proud of my kids! Brielle was a little scared to go up there...we have been working with her for a month to be able to go up there and sing and stand and say her part without our help. She DID it on Sunday! Mikenna took her hand and led her to her class. I was so proud of her. She said her part without any help; she sang all the songs...I think she may have been holding out on us a little. The funny thing is that she loves to sing and knows songs by heart; she loves to dance and she loves to perform. She just decided Sunday that she would do it! And you could tell she loved it! She usually has a hard time going into class without Toby or I...and to do what she did on Sunday...definitely an answer to our prayers and her hard work to do it! I am so grateful for all the hard work of the primary leaders and teachers! Our kids have already grown so much in 6th ward. We all love the ward!! My grandma Higley came to the program and my mom and dad also were there. Thank you for supporting Jaron, Mikenna and Brielle! They loved having you there!!
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Grandma Higley & Brielle

Grandma Higley came over after the primary program at church and helped cooked dinner with us. Brielle and Mikenna love cooking in the kitchen with thier grandma's. In the background my mom and Mikenna are cooking together. Brielle has always had a special bond with her grandma Higley. She loves being with her! They made grandma Higley's yummy apple salad that I used to love eating when I was growing up! Thanks for coming to the primary program grandma! My kids loved that you were there to watch them!
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October 24, 2009

Country Mercantile...Pumpkins!!!

After Mikenna's game we headed over to Country Mercantile in Pasco. The kids loved the pyramid straw bales, the corn maze, the petting zoo, and going out to pick pumpkins in the field. We had ice cream and lunch too! So FUN!!
The pyramid straw bales.
The corn maze.
The corn maze.
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Country Mercantile...2009

Brielle...posing herself.
Petting zoo.
Petting zoo.
The end of the corn maze. Jaron and Mikenna went ahead of Toby, Brielle and I. They were waiting for us standing on the straw bales cheering us on.
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Toby & Brielle

I snapped these pictures of Toby and Brielle while they were enjoying their walk through the corn maze together.
Brielle became tired and wanted Toby to carry her.
I love how they turned out!
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Country Mercantile...Pumpkins!!

Heading over to the pumpkin patch in the tractor!
Mikenna and Jaron picked out the biggest pumpkins they could find. Brielle on the other hand just wanted a green pumpkin!!
My favorite pictures of the day.
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Mikenna's soccer team...The Wolves...won again!!! Making their record 6-1!!!
Mikenna played awesome! She is so fun to watch!!
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October 23, 2009

Mikenna Soccer Pictures

Mikenna's soccer pictures came in the mail a couple days ago. They turned out cute! The team picture is too big to scan and post. Her team is 5-1! They are doing so well this Fall season. They will all play again together next Spring. They have 2 more games and then they will compete in the Fall Jamboree in November and play 3 games in one day. GO WOLVES!!!
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