February 26, 2011

Mikenna Blue Mountain Exchange Soccer Tournament

Very cold morning game at the soccer fields today!! She played in the Blue Mountain Exchange Soccer Tournament today....and will also play tomorrow on the U-10 team. We bought her cold gear under armour last night! Kept her warm. They played a U-11 team. Playing up....good learning experience! She played two games...one at 9:30am and another at 2:30pm. She has one game tomorrow at 9:30am. She played with the Select Three Rivers team.
Mikenna and Morgan....they have been playing soccer together since they were 5 years old. Almost 5 years now!
Mikenna and her Blue Mountain Exchange Soccer Tournament t-shirt I bought her. She loved it!
Tired girl!!!

Mikenna & Morgan....Soccer Tournament Weekend

Mikenna and Morgan loved hanging out together after the morning game. They have been soccer buddies for almost 5 years now!

Blue Mountain Exchange Soccer Tournament t-shirt...she loved it!!
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Entry Way Table

I have been looking for a entry way table for my house for quite awhile and never really found anything that I fell in love with; until I saw this table at Big Lots! It's really solid - has a ton of storage...and it was a great deal!!! I am in love!!
I bought the sconces at Real Deals...also another favorite store of mine...along with the plaque that says..."Always be where the Lord can find You." I love that saying...a good reminder for Toby and I and our kids to see daily!!
Above the table I am going to put a big black framed canvas photo of our family that I ordered...it's on it's way!!
I also need to put some pictures of my kids in the 3 photo frame.
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New Leather Couch, Coffee and End Table!!

The kids relaxing in our new leather coach after the soccer games today! 3 pieces recline...it's so comfy!!
My new coffee table...never owned a coffee table until now...never really found any I liked until these...plus it goes well with our coach! I also bought the end table that looks the same as the coffee table.
My tired kiddos - and my kitchen/desk area.
Our kitchen eat-in area. I love our bay window. I will post more pictures soon of our home....we are finally getting all the way settled.

Mikenna Pasco Youth Basketball

Mikenna has been playing basketball this winter. She is quick and stirs things up on the court! She is fun to watch!
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Jaron Cola Rockets...Science Project

Results are in....Jaron received an A on his science project! He did a really good job! Proud of you buddy!
He tested Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi to see which flew further after putting mint Mentos in the bottle, and shaking it up, and after the chemical reaction, he threw it up into the air - and once it hit the ground it shot off like a rocket. Pretty fun!! The winner was Diet Coke. He went through 8 bottles of Diet Cola and many rolls of mint Mentos!!
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February 25, 2011

I Don't Want To Grow Up!

Brielle was looking through her baby book yesterday and said she doesn't want to grow up. She said it's weird. She said she wants to stay my pumpkin. It about made me start crying. I told her that she will always be my pumpkin. I don't like that she is growing up either. I would go back to the baby days in a heartbeat. I am enjoying all the stages of my kids childhood. It just goes by way too fast. But I keep telling myself that someday we'll all be together forever someday. That comforts me when I do the math in my head that Jaron is 13 and in so many years he'll be preparing for his mission. It scares me and makes me feel like I am losing my kids too fast! Wish I had a rewind or pause button. Can't think about it too much or I will miss the present moments to experience!

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February 24, 2011

Jaron 7th Grade Band Winter Concert

Jaron played 4 different songs tonight at his band concert. He played 4 different percussion instruments. He has decided he wants to take trap set lessons. We are going to look into getting him a trap set for his birthday so he can start taking lessons this spring. He wants to try out for Jazz band next year. We also took him to get a physical at the Dr's for his yearly check-up and he is 5 foot 6 and a half inches tall now. He is by far the tallest percussionist in band. It was kinda funny seeing him so much taller than the other kids. I guess I don't realize how much taller he is than kids his age until I see him with a bunch of kids his age.

February 19, 2011

A Gun and a Phone

Toby and I went shopping today for some delayed birthday gifts for each other.
I was able to get a new iPhone 4 from Verizon - LOVE IT!! I love how I can have a planner, phone, music, e-mail, Facebook....and I bought a application that allows me to blog from my phone! It will definitely save me time....and simplify my life!
And Toby was able to get a Springfield handgun.
Brielle came with us....
Her response to my phone with a hot pink case. "It's so pink, beautiful and pretty mama!"
Her response to Toby's gun. "You can shoot bears now dad!"
Me and Toby cracked up - to be a 5 year old! We love listening to her point of view!
She always has a cute comment about our daily lives.

Brielle's friend B-day Party

Brielle went to her first friend party from preschool.
Scooby Doo themed!
She was the tallest preschooler there.
She won a game-who can be the best Scooby Doo.

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February 12, 2011

Jaron - Solo Ensemble - 7th Grade Percussion Group

Jaron is performing today at the Solo Ensemble in Pasco for Desert Hills Middle School in a Percussion group of 11 - 7th graders.

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