July 29, 2011

Mikenna~Spokane Soccer Tournament~ 2nd Place

Waiting for thier medals and trophy! They played really well this tournament!  They placed 2nd!

Mikenna getting her medal.

We are so proud of you Mikenna! You played your heart out!!
Mikenna with the team trophy!

Spokane Coaches Game

Mikenna's soccer coach Matt Pele - played in a soccer game for cancer. He used to play college soccer and also pro soccer.
He's a big, tall guy - and you would never guess how quick he is for his size -Mikenna and her team mates had a fun time watching him play - and telling him what to do for a change!

The girls giving him high fives! They all made t-shirts that said "Go Matt" and signs and cheered their little hearts out!

Mikenna giving him high-5!

Spokane Coaches Game

The girls cheering for their coach Matt in his soccer game.

Brielle has become the team mascot! She loves being with Mikenna and her team mates!

See Brielle's tooth? It was hanging by a thread!!

The girls cheering Matt on!

July 28, 2011

Mikenna~Spokane Soccer Tournament

Mikenna played awesome at the Spokane Tournament! Her defense was so fun to watch. She is so quick on her feet! She can run girls down from across the field and stop them- fluster them - she is good at that!

Clearing the ball!

Took the ball away from the other team!

She loves playing defense!!
They played 5 games total this tournament -It was so hot!!!  Luckily our Hotel was just minutes away from the field and we could take Mikenna back to the hotel to get cooled off and food and rest before each game.