August 31, 2009


Well, we have officially moved to Moses Lake, Washington from Pasco, Washington. This is a temporary move for us..most of our belongings are in a storage unit in Pasco. Lots of new beginnings for our family. We will fill you in on the details soon!!!
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August 23, 2009

Brielle-4 year pic's!!

Here are some 4 year pic's of Brielle...she had a ball posing for the camera! She was so fun to watch! Love you baby!!
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August 18, 2009

Brielle~My Superstar!

I took Brielle today to her doctor for her 4 year check-up and to get a plantar wart removed. She was so silly the whole time. She weighed 40 lbs. and measured 42 and a half inches tall. That means no more 5 point harness on her booster seat! I am happy about that because she was always taking it off and playing with it. She waited patiently on the table for the doctor to come in and look at her plantar wart on her foot. The doctor applied the freeze it stuff several times...and Brielle didn't even flinch. The doctor was so surprised she didn't cry. She said that she hasn't ever had a child that didn't cry. I was pretty shocked myself, but thankful she didn't cry, and it didn't hurt her. She then had the nurse come in and give 3 booster shots and a 2nd chicken pox vaccination. I was holding her on my lap, and ready to hold her hands down for the nurse. The nurse started giving her the shots -2 shots in each leg...she didn't cry for that either! She didn't even whimper or make one sound. The nurse was amazed. She said it's pretty rare that kids don't cry..especially with 4 shots at a time. After that...I ran her straight over to get her sticker and sucker..she was so proud of herself...I was a little shocked that she was so calm the whole time. I was probably more worried than she was. I took her to go get ice cream...which is our tradition after going to the doctor's office with my kids. I was so proud of her. She is growing up!! She's gaining more and more confidence; knowing she can do things. She is doing so much better in Primary too. She went in all by herself..finally..for 40 minutes...she loves Primary, she just prefers to have Toby or I with her. We had to finally put our foot down, and give her the choice of either going in by herself and having fun with her friends and teacher, or going into an empty room by herself and sit there doing nothing. She finally found the courage to go in by herself! It's been a week of milestones for our family!
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August 17, 2009

Jaron~6th Grade Registration

We registered Jaron for Middle School. I can't believe I am already doing that for him. He's really excited to experience new things in school this year. He's really excited he gets to practice with the 7th and 8th grade Cross Country Team. He can't participate in meets; but they are allowing him to practice with them, which I am so excited about too! We had fun going to pick out some good shoes he can train in. He has been going on runs with Toby at night. I couldn't believe how big his feet have gotten! It's going to take his body awhile to grow into his feet I think! :) He is just growing so fast!
He's also going to participate in 6th grade band playing the drums like he did last year in 5th grade. We met his band teacher..I think Jaron will enjoy having a male band teacher this year. He even commented to me that he will probably have male teachers for the first time this year. He is already practicing his drums and driving us all crazy! :) He has a practice pad..but it's just not the same fun! He's also signed up for a program after Cross Country is over; he will meet with a group called Brave 21. It's an after school group that has High Schoolers helping out with homework for awhile, and then they all do an activity with other 6th graders. They can learn how to cook, bowl, golf, soccer, martial arts, art, etc. He's pretty excited about it. I like that they have study time to get their homework done, and then they can choose an activity when their work is done. School pictures are done, ASB card, Annual and P.E. clothes are ordered. Next is the Parent Night and then the 6th grade Orientation day, and then the first day of school. I officially have a Middle Schooler! I am so happy for him and his excitement to begin a new phase in his life; but also sad to see my baby growing up even more!!!
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August 11, 2009

Hermiston Waterpark

Steph and her kids are here visiting this week! We have had fun shopping, laughing, going to garage sales, playing in the water, late night talks and slumber parties; popcorn & movies! We are trying to enjoy the last bits of summer with our kids! It's been fun for my kids to play with their cousins. They will play for hours on end with one another without one disagreement. Thanks for coming to stay with us Carson, Shaelie & Steph! We love You!!

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Hermiston Waterpark

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August 9, 2009

Swim Lessons

Jaron & Mikenna took swim lessons again this summer. Samantha Wright does an awesome job with them. They learned their strokes and how to dive into the pool from the side of the pool and from the diving board. Mikenna loves to do a front flip off the diving board. I love private swim lessons. They learn so much faster!! Mikenna has a really good back stroke and Jaron has a good freestyle stroke. Toby and I watched them on their last day of lessons and was able to see everything they had learned. Brielle wasn't very happy that she wasn't in the water with them. Brielle is our fish. She loves the water...and not just to play in it..she loves to practice kicking her legs; dunking her head; blowing bubbles. She is a die hard when it comes to swimming. They are both asking about swim team. We'll have to see what next summer brings.
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August 2, 2009

Garage Sale

We had a garage sale on the hottest day of the year....108 degrees. We did get rid of a lot of things though. Toby and I stayed up all night Friday getting things gathered and priced and set-up. My kids were troopers. They sold rice krispie treats, oatmeal cookies, lemonade and water. Mikenna was our little sales girl. She would greet everyone ask them how they were doing and offered them drinks and food and if they needed any help finding anything they were looking for. She was fun to watch. We started at 7 a.m. and finished at 1pm. The heat at that point was so ridiculous. We sold most everything we put out. We were happy with the money we made. So, we took the rest to Goodwill and ordered pizza and took showers and relaxed the rest of the day. I think I was a little dehydrated and had heat exhaustion...I had a temperature last night and couldn't shake it. I feel a lot better today. I sat and drank buckets of water and kept ice packs on my head. We all had fun...but it was pretty HOT!! It feels good to get rid of things and organize our lives a little better.