April 30, 2012

Brielle~Soccer Medal!

Brielle had her soccer team party tonight and she was so excited to get a medal this year!  She loves to accomplish things like her older brother and sister.  It was a well earned medal.  She was so cute when she received it.  The team went to Shakey's pizza and had pizza and played arcade games that earns tickets to buy prizes with.  We are so proud of Brielle and for the progress she made in soccer this Spring. She had a great season!  She is excited to play soccer this summer in the youth league and also two sessions of swim lessons.

April 29, 2012

Jaron~Teacher Ordination

Jaron and Toby after church Sunday.  Jaron was ordained a Teacher today.  Toby did a great job.  Jaron is such a special young man.  We love him and are proud of who he is and the choices he is making.  I am grateful to be his mom.

April 28, 2012

Brielle~Soccer Game~Won!

Brielle had a soccer game today and they won!  She played probably her best game today!  Grandma and Grandpa Winder came to watch, and I think she really enjoyed having them there.  She ran the ball clear down the field and shot the ball into the goal and hit the cone - almost a goal!  She has come so far this year!  Good job Brielle!  We love you!

 Toby refereed this game too.  We are so proud of Brielle and her team "The Butterflies"!
 Thank you coach Jared!

Grandma, Grandpa and Brielle after the game. We headed to Costa Vida for lunch and enjoyed pie and ice cream at our house afterwards!  We loved having you come!!

April 27, 2012

New Suburban!

Our Honda kicked finally kicked the bucket!  We have nothing to complain about though - we've had it for 16 years - our whole marriage and it didn't give us many problems.  Great little car.  We haven't had a car payment in 5 years, so it's bittersweet - we have a new suburban, but we also have a car payment.  But we are very grateful!  We found a great deal on it - doesn't have many miles on it, and it was very well taken care of on the inside and out.  It has 3 rows of seats - and a lot of cargo room.  The leather seats are in great condition, and they are heated....my favorite feature.  We are looking forward to many family vacations and soccer trips with it!  We can seat 8 people - and it has a lot of leg room - which my tall kids need!  They are so excited!

The girls came with us to get it from the dealership - they were so happy!  We still have our Toyota Sienna - we need 2 vehicles to get around with all our different activities.

April 25, 2012

Brielle Soccer Game~Tied!

Brielle played defense and offense this game.  She played more aggressive this game!  She is getting the hang of it!  So fun to watch her learn and get what she is supposed to do.

 Stopping the ball.

 Taking the ball down!

 Sprint to the ball!
Her team played great tonight!  Proud of them and Brielle!

April 23, 2012

Mikenna~Soccer GU11 Team Party!

Mikenna played about 10 months of soccer this year - we counted how many games she played - over 50 games.  That is including tournament games.  She proved that she can play in RCL - which is the highest level of play for her age in Washington state; and not only that - but she is one of the best defenders in that age group.  She has a bright future in soccer if she chooses to continue with it.  She is also the youngest on her team - she is almost playing up.  Her coach gave her great compliments as he handed her trophy to her.  He said that she was the most consistent defensive stopper on the team.  She didn't miss one game all year - that included when she sprained her ankle, and also took on Basketball and Soccer at the same time and had 4 practices a week and sometimes 2 games - on Saturdays for both sports.  She loves soccer and loves her team mates and coaches.  She cried at the end of the party because she is going to miss her team mates and playing on her team.  She is getting ready to try-out for GU12 in 2 weeks.  Toby put together a slideshow of all of the pictures I took of Mikenna and her team this past year and showed it to everyone - all the parents were in tears at the end of it.  It's amazing how much each of the girls have progressed and have formed such a bond with one another.  They had a very successful 10 months together.  Placing in tournaments, as well as making it to the quarterfinals in State Cup!  And placing well in the Fall and Spring in their division of play.

 Our team manager ordered this awesome cake and used one of the team pictures that I took this year.

 Mikenna's coach and assistant coach.
 All the girls before they received their trophies!
 Mikenna excepting her trophy from her coach.
 One happy girl!
The girls each received a poster print of a collage of pictures that I took throughout the year as well of action shots and individual and team pic's.

 The coaches receiving their plaques and gift cards.
 Mikenna and her trophy!
We are so proud of you Mikenna!!!