December 8, 2008

To My Sweet Baby

I am having a hard time saying goodbye to all things baby. Brielle is my last child, and I have been trying to savour the last of her baby days. I tend to not hold on to things if I am not using them. All of the baby things are disappearing from our home. Pacifiers, bottles, cribs, baby clothes, sleepers, recieving blankets, burp clothes, car seats....the list goes on. I am having a hard time saying goodbye to not all of those things -but the memories that those things hold for me. When I look at a certain outfit or see a certain toy, it reminds me of my precious memories of when my kids were so little, I could hold them in one arm. Time goes way too fast. I sometimes wish I could have had more children. I find myself wondering what I am going to do with myself when all three of my kids are in school full time. I know time is not going to reverse or slow down, so I am getting on with potty training, saying goodbye to diapers, pacifiers, cribs, and hello to a toddler bed, big girl underwear, and a 3 year old that thinks she makes the rules. What happened to my baby girl? Time has a healing power all it's own, but it also can be a robber if you are looking too far ahead or too far back. You miss making memories of today. So today I am remembering with fondness and love the day my Brielle came into my life, and celebrating the big girl she is becoming! I am so lucky to be her mommy! She blesses my life in so many ways. I love you baby girl!!


The Lowe Family said...

We'd love to send you a Christmas card. Can I get your address? Thanks!

Carl & Mickie Yeates said...

THe feeling of missing babies will always be around somewhere. My baby is 13 and I miss that. Maybe heaven will be full of babies. You are such a good mom. It is hard to give your kids the wings they need sometimes.

Kate said...

I feel the same way, saying goodbye to the baby things is hard. Cooper is my last one too and he is growing up way too fast. I love all your pictures. You have a beautiful family.