August 31, 2011

Mikenna~Three Rivers Soccer Club

Her warm-up jacket and pants and Nike backpack came today! We had Rasmussen embroidered on her jacket and pants and backpack - so that she won't get them mixed up with the other girls that have the same thing.

She loves her backpack - it has a place for her ball on the outside of it!

August 30, 2011

Brielle's 1st School Bus Ride!

Brielle waiting for the bus on the first day of school.

This picture cracks me up - as soon as the bus doors opened - she looked at me like - "I have to get on that?"
As soon as I gave her some encouraging words - and introduced her to the bus driver - and she knew the bus driver was nice - she was all set to go. It takes her awhile to trust someone and get to know them - but as soon as she does - she is passionate about it. She has been riding the bus now for a week - and she asks me all morning-if the bus is here yet. She has afternoon Kindergarten - and she waits all morning for the bus to get here - she loves it now! I cried after she got on the bus the first day of school - my baby is off!!
The girls enjoying a sugar cookie from a yummy bakery after school!

My cute girlies!

Mikenna & Brielle~First Day of School 2011

Mikenna - 5th Grade

Brielle - Kindergarten

Mikenna with her 5th Grade teacher Mrs. Borey.
Brielle with her Kindergarten teacher Mrs. McMullin. She loves her teacher! Brielle says that she is so nice and that she wears cute clothes!! That scores high in Brielle's book!
Mikenna and Morgan - her good friend and soccer buddy! These two girls are so excited they are going to the same school! They have been playing soccer together since they were 6 years old. We are now in the same church ward too! They go to activity days together - and play together at recess. They both play RCL soccer now - just on different teams.
They are so cute!!

Jaron~First Day of School 2011

Jaron is my very tall 8th Grader! I can't believe it! He was so excited to start school this year and be the oldest in Middle School! He is enjoying going to school where he has lots of friends from scouts and church and kids from our neighborhood that he knows. He has even met up with kids he went to school with in Elementary School in Pasco. He is doing Band again and playing percussion. He is also running on the Cross Country Team. He is leading the pack! He has helped some 1st year cross country students learn the ropes of running cross country. He likes to be able to help them out - and I think it's helped him learn how to be a leader and help those around him.
I usually get emotional this time of year when I send my kids off to school - this year was no different - maybe even a little harder - just because Brielle is my youngest and she is gone every day now - only 1/2 day - but still - when you are a stay at home mom - and my kids are my life - it's a huge change for me. I am looking and applying for jobs - it's hard to find one that is part-time and works with my kids schedule of after school sports - all three of them are playing a sport right now - every night is booked up with practices/scouts/and cross country meets - and soccer games are on the weekends for both Mikenna and Brielle.  I am their taxi - so I need to find a job that ends about the same time they get out of school.  They are all gone during the day - but it is so crazy busy at night and on the weekends! Toby and I are trying our best to keep up! :) People are right when they say - You are still busy and tired - (Getting out of the baby stage of life). Just in a different way. I am trying to get used to the idea that it's ok for me to get a job - but my heart isn't quite all the way into finding one. 13 years of being a stay at home mom - and now I am thinking what I would like to do with myself - is not very comfortable for me-but onward and upward to the different stages of life - and trying to enjoy this one for me even though right now I don't really know what to do with myself - I am sure I will figure it out.

August 16, 2011

Jaron~Pasco Stake Youth Trek

Here's my pioneer boy!
Jaron went on a youth trek through our church for 3 days in Paterson, WA.  He traveled along with 390 other participants 20 miles by foot and pulling a handcart.  He was in a group of 10 - and a ma and pa was over each group of the 43 groups.  He grew to appreciate the sacrifices his ancestors made in order for him to have the gospel in his life.  We researched some ancestors on my families side that crossed into the Salt Lake Valley - and it also strengthened my testimony of how blessed I am - and how much my ancestors have done for me and my family.  I was in tears by the time I was done reading some of the stories from my family.  They sacrificed everything in order to accomplish making it to the valley.  When he got back - he was dirty....but very happy.  No video games, no cell phones, no computer - just hard work and service to his group, and singing hymns, making meals, and camping under the stars.  He said he would do it again.  He loves camping and would live outside if we let him!  I am grateful he had the desire to go and strengthen his testimony!

The group from our Pasco 1st Ward.  Jaron is on the end with his good friend Jacob from our ward.

August 14, 2011

Brielle - Lost front tooth!

Brielle finally got sick of her tooth just hanging by a thread - and went into the bathroom by herself and pulled it out.
Toby and I just let her decide what to do - we asked her if she wanted us to help her - and no surprise to us - she said she wants to do it herself. She likes to have control. So - we just waited to see what happened - and she came out of the bathroom - blood everywhere -with her tooth in hand - and a big smile on her face - and said "I did it!" I guess if she is the one that makes herself bleed she is ok with it - but if it was Toby or I that pulled her tooth - and there was blood - that would be a different story! We would pay!! I can understand how she feels though - it's easier to trust yourself than other people.

August 1, 2011

Mikenna & Brielle

Mikenna bought this Puffol with some money she earned this summer. It's from a game called Club Penguin that she plays on the computer sometimes.

Brielle bought a big pink dog with her money she earned this summer.