March 31, 2012

Mikenna~State Cup Soccer vs. HPFC Eagles

Mikenna had her 3rd State Cup Game today.  They ended up losing today.  So after 3 State Cup games, We have 1 win, 1 tie, and 1 lose.  That puts us in 2nd place right now.  Our next State Cup game is in two weeks!  Mikenna played great defense and as always was so fun to watch along with her team!  I didn't get many pictures this time because it started raining pretty hard shortly after the game started, and just kept dumping on us the whole game.  After the game it cleared up....go figure!  :)  After the game we all headed over to Rocco's Pizza and had a team dinner together after the game.

March 30, 2012

Brielle~First 100% on Spelling Test~Kindergarten!

Brielle has been working every night on her spelling words every week for her spelling tests every Friday.  She usually would get all but one right, but today she received her first 100%!  She came running through the door after school today with her test in hand smiling from ear to ear and said "Mama, I did it!"  I am so proud of her - and I am grateful I can be home waiting for my kids to get home after school so I can cherish those memories of my kids running through the door to show me their accomplishments or to wipe a tear after a frustrating day.  Just to be there for them when they need me is a huge blessing!  On a side note - one of the words on her test was "Mom"!  :)  She has been making huge strides lately in school, we have been working hard at home every night with her and she is gaining more confidence the more she learns at home and then is able to apply at school.  She would show me what she could do, but had a little harder time showing her teacher at school - so we have been working on bridging that gap between home and school.  At her parent teacher conference her teacher said that she is a different kid at school now, like a light bulb has gone off, and she knows how to show her teacher at school what she knows just like she shows Toby and I at home!  She is starting to read and spell words on her own now as a Kindergartner. She is a very visual learner - so I have worked with her at home with visual learning tools that has helped her to be more successful at school with her spelling words and tests.  
Her test is hanging proudly on our fridge!! 

Jaron's Poem on Running

All lined up and ready to go,
Such adrenaline it gives me when the starter gun raises
One more heart stopping second and...
Pop it goes!
In a blitz everyone runs, trying to get a good position.
Right in the middle of the race the second lap,
Tiredness and exhaustion sets in,
Yet I keep on bounding for the end,
My legs feel like collapsing,
My heart feels like stopping,
Almost to the end,
100 meters away,
Should I slow down?
Should I stay in on my pace?
None of the above....
I push harder than ever before
Surpassing my unsurpassable limit
Finally at the finish,
Smiling with joy
Some may ask why?
Why do you do this?
Why do you enjoy it so much?
I say to them, I enjoy pushing myself beyond my limits and proving to myself I can finish better every time I run and compete.
It's horrible but so great at the same time.  I feel the most happiest and alive when I am running.
It's peace, happiness and pain all in one.
I love the pain and I love the feeling it gives me even more when I push myself and accomplish my goals.

He turned this poem into his Language Arts teacher as part of an assignment.
When I read it today, it made me cry - because Jaron explains how he feels about one of his greatest loves and joys in life which is running.  I am grateful he finds such joy in running and that he can draw on that talent for peace, and happiness in his life.  He is definitely his happiest when he is competing in Cross Country and Track.

March 29, 2012

Jaron~Track Meet at Chief Joseph Middle School~ 1 Mile~800 Meter~Long Jump

Jaron had his first track meet today at Chief Joseph Middle School in Richland.  He ran the 1 mile - placed 7th out of 20.  He ran the 800 meter placed 7th out of 19.  He also did the long jump - For his first meet of the season he did very well.  His coach is teaching him how to have a big kick at the end of the race and how to pace a 1 mile and an 800 meter race.  He likes his track coach better this year than last year.  He is more knowledgeable on how to coach Jaron with these races - because obviously they are different than running the 2 mile in cross country.  We have already seen an improvement from last track season to this season, just having a better coach helps!  He is enjoying track even more this season because of the things that he is learning.  He has gained a lot more muscle and strength in his legs - his coach runs him pretty hard during the week and knows how to train Jaron.  Toby and I have never seen the kick he had today in both of his races at the end - he was able to pass more kids right at the end because of his kick.  He paced himself pretty well - last year he felt like the 1 mile was too short for him - but he is enjoying it more this year because he is learning how to run it.  He still wishes he could run a 2 or 3 mile race in track though - but I am happy he is learning how to run the 1 mile and also 800 meter as well.  He says the 800 meter is the most challenging for him because he feels like it is a sprint to him - and to Mr. Endurance it is a sprint.  But it helps him with his speed in the other races he enjoys more.  After spring break he will have a meet in Walla Walla.  He is excited to go to a Cross Country camp this coming summer with his new Pasco High School coaches for his Freshman year.

March 28, 2012

Jaron~CBMEA Band Competition

Jaron had an all day CBMEA Band Competition today with his 8th grade band.
He said he really enjoyed it and had a good time.
Playing drums all day is awesome!

March 25, 2012

Mikenna~State Cup Soccer Pictures!

I am the team photographer for Mikenna's soccer team.  We were in a beautiful area in Gig Harbor - and have a couple new players on the roster - so it was time for another team photo.  I took individual shots of each girl and some team pictures.
This is in June of last year - when the team was first formed after GU11 Try-Outs.  They have all grown so much in the past 8 and half months!

Mikenna~State Cup Soccer vs. Harbor Premier~Won!

Not the best pic's of Toby and I - but they will do I guess.  Mikenna and her team played their second State Cup game on Sunday - and won 2-0.  They received points for winning, and also shutting them out - so between the game on Saturday and Sunday they have racked up some points.  Mikenna had some key plays that helped her team win - and not only win but keep the score to 0 for the other team.  The other team was about ready to score a goal - and our goalie didn't get the ball - and Mikenna sprinted over just in time to kick the ball out of the goal.  We were all having a heart attack on the sidelines - I was so proud of Mikenna - she does really well at keeping her composure and plays very well under pressure.  She loves how competitive State Cup is.  We did have one girl on our team injured - but she didn't realize it until after the game was over.  She has a buckle fracture on her arm/wrist.  She is still going to play in the upcoming State Cup games - with a cast on.  We see kids play with casts on their arms or wrists all the time.  They wear padding over the cast so they don't hurt any players though.  :)