September 30, 2009

Michael Jon Rasmussen..."Mike"

Today would have been Toby's dad's 73rd birthday. He passed away when Toby was 13. He passed away from a sudden brain aneurysm. He lived a very full life, was a talented commercial artist and family man. He left behind 8 kids, grandchildren, a beautiful wife and many friends. He is still greatly missed. As you can see from these pictures, he loved to joke around and have fun. We still feel his love and presence in our lives and children's lives. He is still involved in our lives. We are grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful dad and grand dad!
Happy Birthday Dad!!
We love you and miss you so much!!!
Until we meet again.....
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September 26, 2009

Mikenna's Soccer Game

Mikenna had a really good game today! Her team won again!! She especially played awesome defense. Not much got by her today! She is so fun to watch. She played goalie also for a little bit; but mostly defense. Her team has been playing together for awhile, and they are a great team to watch. They have really grown in so many ways. Brielle loves to come to watch her play and cheer her little heart out for her sister. My mom came to watch was fun to have her there!! We are so proud of you Mikenna! Great game!!
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Mikenna & Lindon

Mikenna had fun today playing with her friend Lindon. They ride the bus together and are in the same 3rd grade class. They watched Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D today, and also read Calvin & Hobbs together, and rode bikes and played on the swing set. Besides the girls on her soccer team...she has a lot of friends that are boys. I asked her why she thinks that is...and she said that they can play football with her and be more active than the girls can at school.
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September 25, 2009

Mikenna...Enjoying her Friday

Mikenna enjoyed her Friday afternoon today after school. She ran home after she got off the bus and was so happy she only missed one on her spelling test and got an A and was able to participate in Fun Friday at school. She rode her bike; and showed me how she can go really fast and also ride with one hand. She played with my parents dog Sissy, and shot a ton of baskets with her basketball. She also went on a evening stroll with Toby, Brielle and I. She also led our family in a game of charades...her favorite game. It was so fun watching her and Jaron and Brielle act things out! They all did a great funny!! She was so happy it was Friday!!!
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September 24, 2009

Jaron's First Cross Country Meet

Jaron competed today in his first Cross Country meet. It was in Chelan. He came home with a dirty uniform and a dirty face...guess the coarse was a little muddy. He was so tired...but loved it!!! I am so grateful he has found a way to do what he loves to do. He's loved running ever since he was little, and finally he is able to compete and have fun at the same time doing something he loves. His appetite was really increased lately...I am sure it's a combination of running every day and also being an 11 year old young man. His feet are bigger than mine now, and he is quickly becoming more eye level with me. We are so proud of you Jaron!! Way to go!!
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September 23, 2009

Brielle & Oreo

My mom has an indoor cat named Oreo. She is not the most social, lovable cat. She would rather sleep all day and be left alone. Since we have moved in with my parents for awhile; Brielle and Oreo..or I should say Brielle, has been in heaven! Oreo on the other hand, I think would rather be left alone. Brielle tries to make Oreo smile...manually and by force. Oreo has been pretty patient thank goodness, or I would be spending all day trying to get Brielle to leave Oreo alone. She is a really lazy cat and doesn't like to do much at all. Brielle has gotten her to play with some string and get some jogging in lately...mostly because Brielle is chasing Oreo down to have her way with her. Oreo is getting a lot of unwanted love and attention! Maybe Brielle will be able to help Oreo be a nicer, happier kitty...and become more social...or maybe not; but it's been great that Brielle has Oreo to play with!!
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September 20, 2009

Cooking with Grandma

Mikenna & Brielle love cooking with my mom. Especially for Sunday dinners. My mom is the best cook! They are learning from the best! We love you grandma!!
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September 19, 2009

Adams County Fair Hats

Toby and Ty had a booth in at the Adams County Fair. Mikenna had a soccer game that same Saturday; so I took Brielle and Mikenna to Pasco for her game; while Toby and Jaron went to the Adams County Fair in Othello. Jaron bought an all day pass and knocked himself out with fair food, and had a blast riding all of the rides over and over again. Toby and Jaron came home with these hats for the girls...they loved them. You can also turn them inside out and have a whole new look...pretty fun!!
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September 18, 2009

Brielle...On the Road Again...

Brielle is becoming a really good traveler as of late. She comes with me to Mikenna's soccer practices in the Tri-Cities two times a week; and then for her game on Saturdays. She loves to sing and dance to the music that is playing in the van. My mom found this hat at the Farmer's market last week...and she loves it. I am grateful I have a travel buddy! We went to Costco the other day...and let's just say she is a better shopper than Toby and Jaron...even Mikenna... :) And she doesn't like to sit in the cart; she likes to walk along side me. I have a shopping buddy too! She makes my days happier and brighter...I love you Brielle; thanks for being my buddy!!!
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September 15, 2009

Jaron Can Compete in Cross Country Meets!!!

Jaron is going to be able to compete in Cross Country meets. I guess some schools do allow 6th graders to compete with the 7th and 8th graders. I am so excited! His first meet will be next week. He has to get 10 practices in before he can compete.

September 7, 2009

Mikenna ~ Soccer

Mikenna is playing again this Fall with her T-CYSA Girls Soccer Team. This will be the 4th year she has played with them. She practices two times a week and has games every Saturday. She is excited to play again. She had her first practice tonight. She is playing on a bigger field now; and one more player is on the field than last year. Her first game is this Saturday. They decided on a team name for this Fall....The Wolves.
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Kid's Pic's 2009

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September 6, 2009

Kids 2009 Pictures

I took the kids to get their pictures done before school started. I loved how they turned out. I also got some individuals taken of them. I haven't ordered them yet; but I will soon. Jaron 6th grade; 11 years old. Mikenna 3rd grade; 8 years old. Brielle; 4 years old.

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September 5, 2009

Jaron~Cross Country

Jaron is practicing with the Cross Country team (7th & 8th graders) after school every day. He isn't participating in meets until next year. But we are so happy he gets to practice with them and gain some experience before he starts competing next year. He really loves to run and we have been waiting for him to get onto a team! Ever since he was a little guy -he was constantly running-he never walked anywhere. There were times where he would just take off down a mountain when we lived in Colorado -or when we stopped at a gas station on a trip; we let him out and he took off down the road. Whenever we took him to the mall; he would be running everywhere. Give him a wide open space; and he's gone! Now that he's older he can put that desire to good use! We are going to take him to some of his team mates meets so he can see what they are like. Run....Jaron.....Run!!!!!
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September 3, 2009


My girls went to the Farmer's Market with my mom last weekend. They found the biggest possible watermelon and bought it. They each had a huge piece to eat! Nothing better than watermelon in the summertime!!
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September 2, 2009

First Day of School

Jaron is in 6th grade....he didn't want me taking too many pictures. He's becoming too cool for that. He had to bring his drum on the first day..he gets on the bus really early..but he is doing great with it! He has Cross Country after school; he is going to practice with the 7th and 8th graders...but he can't run in meets yet...that will be next year. He loves Chief Moses Middle School and says he loves his 4 teachers. He has his locker down pat and his ID number memorized for lunches..he's also made some friends. He says he likes it a lot better than elementary school...more to do and keep busy with.

Mikenna is in 3rd grade...she loves her teacher. They met at the Garden Heights Open House the other night and hit it off right away. Mrs. Copley gave Mikenna a hug and asked her what she likes to do for fun. If you know Mikenna...she has a fun loving personality and loves to be that really helped Mikenna feel comfortable right away. She likes to work hard; but have a fun upbeat attitude at the same time...and her teacher has that same attitude! She made some friends...of course they are all boys...she likes to play with them because they can keep up with her better than the girls. She is still playing with her soccer team in Pasco this Fall.

Toby and I are enjoying the bus system this year. We have taken our kids to and from school for 3 years now; and we are excited they are riding the bus this year. I did get usual on the first day.

Brielle keeps me hopping though!!
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September 1, 2009

Jaron~6th Grade

Jaron's 6th grade pic's came back last night at his Orientation night. I can't believe he is going into 6th grade...I feel like I am going back to school in a way; trying to help him get organized and ready. Tomorrow is the first day of school! He is going to Chief Moses Middle School. Which is where I went for 7th-9th grade. He gets on the bus at 6:45 a.m. Pretty early; but he is doing a trial run this morning and meeting the 7th and 8th graders today from 8-Noon to get to know his way around the school. He is excited..and for that I am grateful!! Mikenna's Orientation is tonight. She is going to Garden Heights Elementary for 3rd grade; that is where I went for Kindergarten through 3rd grade. She doesn't get on the bus until 8:00 a.m. Jaron will have band and play the drums; along with cross country after school. Mikenna is still playing soccer with her team she's played with for 3 years now. She will have practice two times a week and games every Saturday. Here we go!!!!!
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