May 27, 2009

Thank You Babe...for being You!!!

Thank you sweetie! I love you so much; and I am grateful I have you by my side to go through the peaks and valleys of life. You are a constant in my life...I am so blessed. Your smile; your big heart; your love...thank you for being my friend! You are awesome!! :)
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Brielle loved her flag...she sang and waved her flag in the air all the way back home from grandma Winder's house!
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May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

These are from my mom's camera....more of the gang!!
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Memorial Day 2009

Some more pic's of Memorial Day of my mom and her family. My uncle Blake and aunt Carey. My sister and her kids and Dave. My dad and brother Ty. It was so nice to be together on this beautiful spring day; sharing our love for another and remembering our loved ones that have passed; and knowing we will be reunited with them again someday!
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Memorial Day 2009

Here we are at the cemetery in Warden, WA on Memorial Day....Remembering Miles Glen Higley. It was nice to see his beautiful headstone and remember all the many memories I have of my grandpa. His headstone has the Salt Lake Temple on it; and also his favorite saying he would always say...."It's a beautiful day in the the Columbia Basin"! He would say that rain or shine! The kids and I put a garden angel stake by his grave with a family picture on it. Toby said a family prayer before we left...and as I was walking away to leave...I was overcome with tears and a peaceful warm feeling...I knew it was my grandpa letting me know he loved me and that he is watching over us! I love and miss you grandpa!
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Grandma Higley's House!!

We had a Higley family get together at my grandma's house in Warden this past weekend. The kids are so spoiled when they are around my grandma. They are so blessed to be able to know and be loved by their great grandma. They love her so much. Brielle is her little shadow. Jaron told me he loves going to grandma's house because it's so cozy and he feels warm there. My grandma always gives them treat bags whenever we get together filled with what Brielle calls..."Yummies"! She always has some $1 bills rolled up for them in the bags too. Brielle wanted to put her money in her pocket right away. She had little American flags in the bags this time too. They also love running around her property outside in the wide open space; exploring old sheds and farm treasures. I love my grandma so much; as do my kiddos. I am grateful for the love she shares with me and my children! Thank you grandma for being wonderful,!!!!
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Homemade Root Beer!!

Over Memorial Day weekend Toby made homemade root beer for everyone at the Higley family lunch after we went to the cemetery in Warden to visit my grandpa Higley's grave. The kids loved the dry ice...they were trying to act mysterious and scary in the top picture...Jaron wants to do this for Halloween this coming Fall...It was pretty easy...and very yummy!
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May 24, 2009

Paul Blart....Mall Cop

While we were visiting my parents in Moses Lake over Memorial Day weekend; we all gathered together and popped popcorn and watched "Paul Blart...Mall Cop". It was pretty good. The kids were laughing and having a good time together with their cousins. They stayed up late and played so hard during the 3 days we were there. We got home; and we all needed a day to recover. Good times!!!!
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May 21, 2009

Princess Brielle

An afternoon of...
Hot pink boots
Shiny lip gloss
And a smile to die for...that's our Princess Brielle!
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May 17, 2009

Drawing on a Sunday afternoon...

My kids LOVE to draw and color....let's put it this way....they fight over paper sometimes. Toby gave them these huge drawing pads that have post-it adhesive at the top. They spent all afternoon today drawing and creating and then putting them up on our walls. They popped in a movie.."The Tale of Desperaux"...and Mikenna came up with a funny face mouse; and then Desperaux himself..which turned out really cute. Toby's dad was a commercial artist. He was very talented...he passed away when Toby was entering his teen years. We always tell our kids that grandpa Rasmussen must of spent a lot of time with them in Heaven before they came to live with us...drawing for them; and teaching them how to draw...because they are naturals!!! Mikenna loves to draw funny animals; and Jaron loves to draw Sonic and other cartoon related characters. Brielle loves to color on anything and everything in our's her own personal canvas. She drew smiley faces on all of the days on Toby's desk calendar the other day. I am always finding faces in my planner; checkbook; you name it. She tries to draw in bed when she is supposed to be taking a nap. Brielle takes her time and stays in the lines pretty well for a three year old. It's fun to see what they come up with. I've created an art folder for each of them since they were little...and have collected drawings throughout the years. They love going back to see what they created. Nothing better than a quiet Sunday afternoon and some giant drawing pads and markers.
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May 16, 2009

Boyscouts 11 year old Camporee

Jaron had a really fun time camping this past weekend at the 11 year old Camporee with his Boyscout buddies. He has always loved camping and being outdoors. He said that he past off some things for Tenderfoot; and had lots of fun shooting BB guns; among other activities. He also said they had fun preparing the meals they had planned and shopped for. He said the birds starting chirping really early in the morning....and that his leaders snored and kept him and his friends up most the night. He was so wiped out when we picked him up the next afternoon. His eyes were red from lack of sleep and I am sure the campfire; and his face was covered in dirt...I asked him if he had fun....he said...."It was the BEST mom!!!"
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May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's day thanks to my three beautiful kids and my wonderful husband! They served me breakfast in bed; which was a yummy plate of buckwheat pancakes and a glass of orange-pineapple juice. The kids each gave me a musical card -Jaron's was the song "Your unbelievable". Mikenna's was Celine Dion singing "The Prayer". Brielle's was "Girls just want to have fun." They each recorded their voices in the cards saying that they loved me and wished me a happy mother's day. Between the cards that the kids gave me and the card Toby gave me I was in tears. They painted both bathrooms for me -the kids had a blast helping Toby. Mikenna made me a sweet card and poem from school; and Jaron also bought me a Snickers bar. Toby ordered me a fire pit I've been eyeing. It's not here will come...I am sure we will roast marshmallows and hot dogs; and have nights of telling scary stories. I think we will use it a lot as a family. Toby also bought me a labeler. I've always wanted one..I know...I am a nerd. They also made a wonderful dinner; which we all enjoyed, and we had smores -in the microwave; since the fire pit hasn't arrived yet. I talked to my mom and my grandma Higley, and dad. I got laundry done and the house picked up, cars cleaned up...amazing how much I can get done while the kids are busy painting with their dad! I had a wonderful day! I love you; Jaron, Mikenna and Brielle...thanks for making me a mommy!! You fill my life with light, love, joy, laughter, fun! I love you Toby; thank you for loving me and our kids; for making sure we are taken care of and happy. You are the love of my life babe!!
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May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!

Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mom! My mom is every definition of what a mom should be in my book. One of the things I have always admired about her is her Christ-like unconditional love and understanding. She has rarely shown her emotions in angry ways towards her children. She teaches by example; has a sweet spirit that is always approachable; and has always tried to teach us by always being there for us; even when she was probably not happy or disagreed with some decisions we may have made. She gave us the space to make choices; and learn on our own from those choices; and the best part is that she loved us through the challenges and stood by us if we didn't make the best choice in life. She always showed confidence in our abilities; even when there was doubt. She is an eternal optimist; always looking for the funny side of situations; staying positive; looking for the best in me and others around her. She lives the gospel and is a great example to me in many, many ways. She has a wonderful sense of humor and laugh that has carried our family through some happy and tough times. She is an amazing wife, friend, mom, friend and daughter of God. I am so blessed to call her my mom. Since I have been married; she has become my friend. She is always there for's a great comfort to know if I need her; she is always available for advice in raising my own children; to just talking about the stresses and joys of life. She is not only my mom; but also my sister through Christ. I am grateful I have a wonderful example to look to. She always puts her family before herself...has always worked hard inside and outside of the home. She has a beautiful singing voice; she is an awesome cook; and the sweetest spirit you'll ever meet. I don't know what I did to deserve such an incredible mom; but I am so grateful she is mine! I love you so much mom! I pray every day I can be half the mom you are to me!
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May 8, 2009

Brielle's Play Dates!!

Brielle loved her play date today with 3 other 3 year old kiddos today! The weather is finally warming up and we enjoyed being outside for 2 hours straight without wind or rain! Even got a little tan! :) We packed a lunch and headed out! It was so nice to sit in the sun and talk with friends while she played happily with the kids on the big toy! I think we'll make this a permanent day to get together with friends and let her play and I can have some girl time and enjoy the gorgeous weather!! She is also officially potty trained....finally!!!!! It took awhile, but she is doing great; even out in public!! Now we just gotta work on night time...but I can almost see the end of having kids in diapers!!! We are going to celebrate!!! A cake is in store for Brielle this weekend for her accomplishment! Good job baby girl! We love you!!!
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2nd Grade Dinosaur Idol!!

Mikenna performed in her 2nd grade class today with a cute singing program called "Dinosaur Idol". She was one of three Parasaurolophus Sisters; which sang a song about the facts of that dinosaur. After each singing group they were judged by the panel of Randy, Paula, Kara & Simon. It was really cute and creative! We have loved her 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Rutledge! She is awesome!! They had so much fun performing for their parents...and even more fun having ice cream after the performance! Awesome job babe!! We love you!!
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May 7, 2009

5th Grade Concert Band

We went to Jaron's band concert tonight! He did so well; we were very proud of him. The band played 7 songs all together and he played the snare and bass drum. He had a solo that he composed himself; sounded awesome to us! He has really enjoyed being in band this year; we'll see if he is going to want to continue when he starts middle school this Fall. He gave up a recess three times a week so he could practice with the band this year. We are so proud of you buddy! We love you!!
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May 5, 2009

End of Season Soccer Party

Mikenna had an awesome Spring soccer season. She did get a black eye and twisted her ankle...but she hung in there and continued to play well. She loves soccer...loves her team mates. They have been playing together for 3 years now...they are quite the group of cute girls! I love to see her play and also bond with neat girls that loves soccer just as much as she does. They each had to say what their team mates strengths were as they were getting their medals. Her team mates said that she was fast and is a good forward and defender. They had a great time at Eatza Pizza...getting high on sugar; giggling as girls do; and earning tickets with arcade games and choosing their treats and prizes at the prize booth. She came home and was sad...started crying because she didn't want soccer to be over. She was going to miss playing and seeing her friends every week. I told her we could invite her girlfriends to her birthday party in June...and we could have play dates through the summer; and she could play soccer again in the Fall. Girls really form emotional bonds with one another at an early age. I am thankful she has made some strong bonds with girls her age that enjoy the same things she does. Awesome job Mikenna! We love you!!!
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May 3, 2009

Sabina's Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law Sabina!!

We love you!!!

Easter 2009

I finally took some pictures of the kids in their Easter dress clothes. I am so blessed by my three kids every day. Each of them have their own unique personalities; and I love them for who they are. I am grateful for my many blessings today...especially my children!!
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