December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve!

We had our traditional feast of appetizers for New Year's Eve! Jaron went to spend the night at a friends house, so it was Toby and I and our girls! We had a blast! We watched Glee the Concert! Brielle danced her little heart out during the movie! Had yummy food and rang in the new year together!

December 29, 2011

Winder Christmas!

My son Jaron (13), my nephew Carson (10), my daughter Mikenna (10), my daughter Brielle (6) and my niece Shaelie (8)!

Winder Christmas!

My sister in law Janessa, me - Mandy, my mom Joette and my sister Stephanie - my sister in law Sabina left to visit with her family!
I am so grateful for these ladies in my life as well as my sister in law Sabina!   I love 'em so much!  Missed you Sabina!! Next time we will get all of us in there!

December 27, 2011

Winder Christmas!

It was a very special Christmas this year for the Winder's! It's been awhile since we were all together...and we all had a blast together! We were just missing 3 kids from Dave and Steph's family. We love you Syd, Jack and Aleah!! Funny memory when my nephew Carson saw Jaron for the first time in along time Carson said "You have a man voice."

My kids played non-stop with their cousins - we had lots of good laughs, late nights, and so much fun!
I am so grateful for my family, I love each and every one of them. We are all different people, but we come together as one to make one awesome family! I am so blessed!

Winder Christmas!

Back to Front - left to right.  Mandy & Toby and son Jaron Rasmussen, Craig and Sabina Winder, Stephanie and Dave Jones and daughter Cami.  Janessa and Ty Winder with daughter Zoe and son Ronan.  Shaelie Anderson, Talia Winder, Joette and LaMar Winder.  Landen Winder, Mikenna Rasmussen, Capriel Winder, Brielle Rasmussen, Carson Anderson, Brecklyn Winder, Rhyse Winder, family dog "Sissy".  Rasmussen family - Toby and Mandy Rasmussen and 3 children.  Winder family - Craig and Sabina Winder and 5 kids.  Jones family - Dave & Stephanie Jones and 3 kids. (missing 3).  Winder family - Ty and Janessa Winder and 2 kids!  We are becoming quite the group!!

I was testing out my camera on the auto shoot mode - and got my sweet husband in the picture!

December 26, 2011

Higley Christmas!

Special Higley Christmas!  We had everyone this year!  So we took the opportunity to take some pictures of the Higley family!  My grandma Higley means the world to me!  I am so grateful for her love, support and her example of Christ like love and faith.  I am so grateful for my beautiful family!