February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day!

 For my three blessings!

 From some sweet friends of mine!
 I was able to help out in Brielle's classroom party today!  It was so fun for Brielle and I!

 From my boyfriend!  I love you Toby!
 Weekend getaway!  He booked us a get away!  Pictures to come!!  :)
 Brielle's Valentine mailbox!  She decorated it to the hilt!!
 Toby gave his girls roses and Jaron a giant hershsey's kiss.  I gave them all goodies and some fun things that they have been wanting - I gave Jaron a $15 iTunes gift card.

Traditional Valentine's Day Dinner!  Spaghetti and Garlic Bread with Sparkling Cider and yummy Chocolate/Cream Cheese Surprise Cupcakes!

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