February 27, 2009

Jaron's 5th & 6th grade Combined Band Concert

Last night we went to Jaron's 5th & 6th grade combined band concert at the middle school. He did a great job! There were a ton of people there -and it didn't seem to make him nervous -he loved it. He loves music -he has really taken to the base and snare drums. He received an electrical guitar with amp for Christmas last year-I think he is trying to collect all the fixings for his own band. He has been asking Toby and I for a drum set. He is always walking around the house making sound affects with his voice -which sounds like drum beats. I am always asking him to please quiet down for awhile. I can't imagine having a drum set with Brielle's loud 3 year old shenanigans and Mikenna's running around active noises, Brielle's singing and dancing. I am getting burnt out in the sound department around here. I am not complaining -it's really music to my ears -I love to have my children around me and hearing their voices and feet in high activity! But I don't mind a break hear and there either! :)

He was so cute at the concert -but I know when I am around him -I need to say he was so cool! He was concentrating so hard and moving his head to the beat of the rhythm he was keeping. The drums are heavy to lug around -I made him load them in the van on the way to the concert by himself -it took him awhile. He was so happy and excited after the concert was over. Mikenna and Brielle clapped and cheered for him. We are trying to teach our kids to support one another at their activity's-not just go; but to watch and cheer for their brother or sister. Jaron got a kick out of both of his sisters watching and waving at him. He liked all the attention. Between the concert and the pinewood derby this past week and basketball practices, and running errands, keeping up with the amount of food they are eating and being the taxi for everyone -I am exhausted. It's a good thing I have a wonderful, supportive husband to help me! I get nervous and excited for them when I am watching my kids perform-that just adds to the tired part. I had to chomp on a piece of gum during his concert to keep from fidgeting in my chair. This weekend is Mikenna's last basketball game; and Jaron will have 2 more games. In a week from now Mikenna has her first soccer game the same day Jaron has his last basketball game. I was planning on going to the Stake Relief Society Enrichment with a friend; but we didn't know about this concert until after school yesterday when he was carting his drums to the van to take to the concert. He forgot to mention it before the day of the concert.
I need to clone myself!!!!
P.S. The fluorescent lighting in the gym was horrible
didn't get very good coloring in my pic's! :(
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