March 9, 2009

Ain't it Great ~ To Be Eight!!

Mikenna and I have had fun together searching for things for her Baptism this summer in June. We found this beautiful white dress at Sears for half off the original price. It fits her so cute~and I am glad we were able to find something pretty -but not too frilly -because Mikenna is not a frilly girl. I bought her a necklace to wear on her "B" day that came with a poem about being Baptized. The Primary president Sister Young came by and gave her a cute bag full of things to remember her day by. A pair of white socks with a poem attached; a "Choose the Right" and "I am a Child of God" bookmark; a Temple magnet; a marking pencil for her scriptures; candy; and a "Faith in God" booklet. Toby and I bought her a new set of scriptures with her name engraved on the front of both the Book of Mormon and the Bible-along with a scripture case that she loved; I also finally found a pair of white shoes that weren't too fancy for her; but still went with her pretty dress~cute white wedge sandals-in a half size bigger than she is now -because by the end of June I am sure she will be needing them to be a little bigger than now. She also was given a CTR ring from the Primary also. For Family Home Evenings we are talking more about Baptism to prepare her more for the step she is about to take this summer. Her cousins Carson and Landen were recently baptized and it has just added to the excitement for her. She stayed home from school today; not feeling well~or I would have had her put the dress on. When she is feeling better~I will take of picture of her in the dress!
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