March 24, 2009

Brielle Happenings

Brielle received her first 2 wheel bike with training wheels this past week as an early birthday present. She was so excited to be able to ride around with Jaron and Mikenna..although she isn't quite as fast as they are..which ends in frustration sometimes. Her favorite part of the new bike is the cool little backpack that is attached that holds a water bottle..."Cool mommy" is her new favorite phrase. She is liking Sunbeams a lot more than she liked Nursery in church. She still won't go without Toby or I...hopefully soon..her teachers gave her a spring can..complete with chocolate chips for the dirt. And she is loving her new big girl bedding...and "Dream" letters above her bed. She was playing around with some heart stickers the other day and stuck them on her face under her eyes -and stuck them on me as well...we were covered in heart stickers. She is feeling more grown-up as of late...her vocabulary and communication has taken another leap ahead...and with her new bedding and bike and going to Sunbeams..has helped her self-confidence...for me; I know it's essential for her to gain these new skills and confidence...and I am thankful she is gaining them; but oh my; I am struggling with the "no more baby" thing. I went through the last of my baby things and took the last of baby blankets, porta-crib, etc. to goodwill. Hasn't been an easy past couple days...until I see her big smile while she sits upon her new princess bike...makes it easier!!!
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