March 14, 2009

Jaron's Artistic Talents

Jaron is a talented little artist. He has always loved to draw since the time he was a little guy. He has continually gotten better and better over his 11 years! I have a huge folder of drawings from when he was little up until now. I love looking through them and seeing how his talent has grown. He is really good at looking at a picture of something and recreating it himself. Jaron's grandpa Rasmussen was a commercial artist in Boulder, Colorado while Jaron's dad -Toby-was growing up. Toby's dad Mike past away when Toby was 12 years old. I always tell Jaron that his grand dad probably taught him drawing skills in heaven before he came to earth to be with our family. I love watching him draw; and I hope he continues to follow his artistic abilities.
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