March 29, 2012

Jaron~Track Meet at Chief Joseph Middle School~ 1 Mile~800 Meter~Long Jump

Jaron had his first track meet today at Chief Joseph Middle School in Richland.  He ran the 1 mile - placed 7th out of 20.  He ran the 800 meter placed 7th out of 19.  He also did the long jump - For his first meet of the season he did very well.  His coach is teaching him how to have a big kick at the end of the race and how to pace a 1 mile and an 800 meter race.  He likes his track coach better this year than last year.  He is more knowledgeable on how to coach Jaron with these races - because obviously they are different than running the 2 mile in cross country.  We have already seen an improvement from last track season to this season, just having a better coach helps!  He is enjoying track even more this season because of the things that he is learning.  He has gained a lot more muscle and strength in his legs - his coach runs him pretty hard during the week and knows how to train Jaron.  Toby and I have never seen the kick he had today in both of his races at the end - he was able to pass more kids right at the end because of his kick.  He paced himself pretty well - last year he felt like the 1 mile was too short for him - but he is enjoying it more this year because he is learning how to run it.  He still wishes he could run a 2 or 3 mile race in track though - but I am happy he is learning how to run the 1 mile and also 800 meter as well.  He says the 800 meter is the most challenging for him because he feels like it is a sprint to him - and to Mr. Endurance it is a sprint.  But it helps him with his speed in the other races he enjoys more.  After spring break he will have a meet in Walla Walla.  He is excited to go to a Cross Country camp this coming summer with his new Pasco High School coaches for his Freshman year.

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