May 18, 2013

Mikenna~Yak Attack Soccer Tournament! Semi-Finals!

Mikenna played in a fun soccer tournament in Yakima this weekend.  She played 3 games Saturday and 3 games Sunday.  They made it to the semi-finals but lost in that game.  These are the girls on her new GU13 team - and it was great for them to bond and get to know each other in a fun tournament like Yak Attack.  They play music and have 30 minute games which are 5 vs. 5.  It's fast paced and fun and all the teams wear costumes and pick a fun team name.  Mikenna's team was called the Cotton Candies - the theme for Yak Attack this year was Mardi Gras.  The girls had so much fun and we had fun watching them!
Mikenna is going through a growth spurt and has grown an inch in one month.  She is actually one of the youngest players on the A team.  She tried out for GU13 as an 11 year old.  She is almost playing up.  So a lot of the girls have been taller than her - and she is just starting her growth spurt and starting to pass some of them now.  She is excited to play with these fun girls this whole year!

A lot of the girls weren't too thrilled about the tutus - but they are very popular at this tournament to wear.  A lot of teams did the same thing.  I cut Mikenna's pretty short so she felt like she could play in it.

Each team got on stage and introduced themselves and told everyone where they were from and their team name.  Our girls sang and danced to a song they made up about their team Cotton Candies.  It was really fun to watch them!

 Brielle loved playing all day on the many blow up slides and obstacle courses they had there.

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