October 28, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Toby helps out in cub scouts in our ward -tonight was pack meeting, and Toby was in charge of the activities. We had a costume contest, played musical chairs, and zombie tag. All of my kids decided they wanted to go and enjoy the fun. All of my kids chose their costumes this year. Each of their personalities show through. Jaron loves to make sound affects. He's made machine gun sounds, helicopter, swords swooshing, ever since I can remember. Mikenna is our tomboy, but still likes some girlie things. She didn't want make-up on this year -and I was lucky to get hairspray in her hair. She loves super hero movies, and loved this Supergirl costume with the cape and cool boots. Brielle -she is our drama queen, and stubborn one -she is three after all. She is much more of a girlie girl than Mikenna is. Brielle wanted make-up on -and the more the better. She loves all the perks of being a girl, and loves to dance and sing. I got some blush and lip gloss on her, and then Jaron walked in with his face all camouflaged -and Brielle literally freaked out. She started screaming and climbing me. She calmed down a little after Jaron talked to her -and showed her it was just him. So after that she was not having anything to do with pictures. She kept walking around keeping an eye on Jaron and if he got too close she would put her hand out to stop him and said "Yuck"! As you can see in the pictures -Brielle was not very happy-and didn't even want to stand by Jaron. When each of my kids were three I loved parts of it and disliked others. It's a cute age, and then again it's a hard age too. When we were carving pumpkins she carefully put her hand in the pumpkin and screamed every time she felt the goopy stuff. Mikenna and Jaron on the other hand loved it. I decided to buy pumpkin stick in eyes, ears, etc. for Brielle's pumpkin, because I knew she wouldn't want to touch anything gross. We were in Target going down the Halloween isle, and there was a scary skeleton man with glowing red eyes and a black cape -and Brielle screamed at the top of her lungs and ran away from us -and we found her clear down the other end of the store sitting down on the floor crying. We'll see if we can get Brielle more in the Halloween spirit this Friday -maybe getting candy will help?? I love that girl!! I love each one of my kids distinct personalities. It's so fun to be a part of their lives and watch them grow and experience things, and seeing how each one of them takes in the world in a different way. I love my babies!! Jaron is 10 -and as we were looking for a costume for him, I realized there weren't very many to select from in his size. That made me sad. I can't believe he's had 10 Halloween's already! Each change in season brings change in my kids -I am trying to enjoy every moment I can with them. It's already going too fast for my comfort -but I think I would always feel like it is going too fast.
Happy Halloween Everyone! We Love You!!


Cali said...

Mandy, thanks so much for visiting my blog. I was excited to see your comment, and then come and look at your blog. Your family is adorable. It's nice to be back in touch. I'll stop by more, keep up the great work on your blog.

Julie said...

Darling family!

tharker said...

Those are cute costumes!

I can so relate to the machine gun sounds. I hear them ALL the time from my two boys ;)