February 19, 2009

Mikenna & Brielle Haircut Day!!

I love taking pictures of my kids hair after it's been trimmed. Brielle was entertained with a piece of gum; and as always Mikenna didn't want too much cut off. She loves her hair long -but doesn't like to take the time to do much to it. Mikenna has thick hair and she is a very active girl. Those two things combined make it hard to keep her hair untangled. She is getting a lot better at brushing her hair out every morning and night so she doesn't get nasty tangles in it. We found a really good detangler spray though -it's the Pantene brand -love it!! And Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner (with detangler in it) does wonders!!! It's been quite a search to find good products for Mikenna's hair-she seriously has thick, adult hair. Brielle on the other hand-is our girly girl. She loves to watch me do my hair and make-up and copies everything I do. She even pretends to put in contacts just like me. It's pretty funny. Mikenna is tougher when it comes to play and physical things -but when it comes time to brush her hair out -it's instant tears -she has a sensitive head. Brielle is tougher when it comes to hair brushing, and putting in cute hair stuff. She also has a lot more patience -she will sit forever while I do her hair -Mikenna on the other hand -just wants to be done so she can go play with the boys. Although I did take Mikenna to her first spa pedicure with the works-massage chair, massaged feet, flower and diamond on her big toes -and she absolutely loved it! So I went ahead and let her get her fingernails done too. It was so fun to enjoy that with her -something I am sure Brielle will love too-something I can do with both of my daughters to continue to bond with them.
Two beautiful daughters ~ Two different personalities~Two very special blessings in my life!

I love my girlies!!!

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