February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day!!

For Valentine's Day this year; we took the kids out to Red Robin; we made pink heart shaped pancakes; and went to the mall to do a little shopping. We found Mikenna a baptism dress, Jaron a pair of jeans and new Sunday shirt; we made sugar cookies and we put balloons and chocolate hearts on the kids bed for them to see after school Friday. Toby & I gave each other a booked weekend get-away at Cameo Heights Mansion-for a later date since Toby has been sick. And of course Toby gave me some beautiful flowers. It's so fun to celebrate our love for one another. It's not an official holiday -but it is at our house! It's one of our favorite's to celebrate! Jaron and Mikenna had fun putting together their valentines & candies for their classmates. Jaron & Mikenna decorated their valentine boxes this year. We also had fun sending out Valentine wishes to great-grandma Higley, grandma & papa Winder, & Omie Rasmussen, & aunts, uncles and cousins. Both Jaron & Mikenna had games today -they both did awesome! Fun to watch them both! Toby took the girls out on a daddy daughter date to see the movie Hotel for Dogs, and eat dinner at Panda Express. I treated Mikenna to her first spa pedicure with me; it was really fun -she loved it-as did I spending time with her -she is so fun to do things with -she cracks me up. While Mikenna and I were getting pampered-Jaron & Toby worked on Jaron's pinewood derby car for the pinewood derby in a week and a half. It is looking pretty cool. And Brielle took a much needed nap this afternoon-she has not been sleeping well at night due to her cough. We all feel pampered with the fun things we did together as a family and the individual dates we had with our kids. We wish everyone a happy heart day! We love you.
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Kate said...

Those pancakes look so cute :)

I will look your number up in the ward directory (we were in 6th ward before the split) and give you a call soon :)If your number isnt in the directory, email it to me K12Kuuipo@aol.com

Talk to you soon!!!! :)

Mandy Rasmussen said...
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